Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paola Sandri

Paola will no longer smile but in our hearts.
None of us can understand why a tragedy had to take her late at night, the 25th of July, in Beijing.
Among her relatives, the many friends, colleagues she had always knew her as a joyful, warm-hearted, clever and strong person, someone special, that you wouldn't forget.

Thank you, Paola, for these happy memories.
We hope this can help us share the moments, things, thoughts that made us love her.

Stay close to us, Paola.


Blogger Velolong said...

Hi Thomas,

I'm also another Thomas, from France, one of the Lyon's friends of Paola. I don't know if you're french or chinese, so anyway, i'll write to you in english.
We are here deeply, so deeply affected by her vanishing. And i still cant realize her missing. It's just impossible.
We do have open a web page like you, for Paola. Everything is in french tough, but it works the same way : write down our love for Paola with comments and pictures. Please, could you inform all around you of our blog, like we'll do the same for yours ?
Adress is
Besides, there is another important matter. Philippe, Paola's boyfriend, want to send to Paola's family a precious book, a book filled by all Paola's friends words for her, about her, on her. The purpose is to send them what was Paola's life outside Italia, for them to know. This is very important. Philippe needs it, the family needs it too. As her friends, we must satisfy them. It's quite urgent, since the book has to be completed before August 2d or 3th, because Philippe wants to send the book to them for the funerals in Italia, which is very soon. You would find in french in the our blog page all the informations (how to do, where to send).
Also, please, could you warn all the Paola's friend you know about this book idea, it's very important to collect the most testimonies, friend's words as possible.
If you had any problem, you can reach me at this MSN adress
Besides, thank to you for this blog, we must NOT forget her, she must STILL live trough our hearts and our thoughts. What you're doing is important.
If you know other blogs or webpage about Paola, please tell us.
Deeply thanksfull.
(another) Thomas

3:48 PM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Bonjour Thomas,

Je suis a Beijing moi aussi, j etais en voyage de recherches comme Paola et nous devions nous voir le mardi...
Comment te rencontrer a Beijing?
Merci pour la photo, elle est splendide, ou et quand a t elle ete prise?


9:29 PM  

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