Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paola Sandri : more pictures

Shanghai 2000-2001

Paola studied at Shanghai Normal University during 2000-2001 year. While studying Chinese and doing research about handicaped people in China, some of us had a chance to meet and enjoy her. Paola and other friends also met later in Budapest, at Istvan's place, at the end of the year. As she said, this was one of her best years in life.

Paola in her room

Paola, John-Paul, Istvan and my cat

Paola and Italian friends

Lunch at the Xinjiang restaurant behind Shanghai Normal University.

Rose Bar

Paola and me at the Rose Bar

Paola caught in the mirror

Never stops smiling...

Budapest 2001-2 New Year's eve

A bunch of friends from Shanghai University, we met in Budapest for the following new year's eve. It was damned cold but Istvan and his friends's warm welcome more than overcame the severe weather... I remember artisanal smashed potatoes, tribal graphics projected on the city's wall, hot wine under a tent among many features... Istvan was one of Paola's best friends, and this journey reminds us why !

Between Buda & Pest : Paola, Roberta, Laure, John-Paul, Jochen, Istvan

Another group picture

Spreading the heat to us...

Beijing 2004

Paola, Philippe & Gabriella

Paola dans un bar de Pékin

Paris 2005

Afro Barbes

Caught in the mirror

She did it !

Nathalie's wedding

Paola and Philippe at Nathalie's wedding in Fleury-en-Bière

After or before the Grappa ?!

Bigger than life


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Merci Thomas pour tout cela. Les photos ravivent en bloc douleur et souvenirs, mais ca fait plaisir de revoir Paola. Elle va me manquer... Gardons la, pres de nous, ca devrait aller.


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